LinkedIn: The Tinder of the Job Market?

Connections are everything. The metaverse and social media were created as spaces for people to connect, and we are disconnected as ever.

LinkedIn and Tinder have both revolutionized how we make connections, romantic or professional (or both.) When considering these platforms, people are reduced to quick facts, a couple photos of themselves, and a prayer that their personality translates enough for a message.

LinkedIn Jobs and internet job postings level the playing field. People who wouldn't normally have access to remote jobs all around the world now have them at their fingertips. The problem here is that everyone applies for them, regardless of qualifications.

What happens to the recruiter checking their listing? 600 applicants for a job where maybe only 100 qualify. That hiring manager finds themself swiping left and swiping right, and I bet eventually their thumb gets tired.

A question frequently asked is why do you want to work with ___ company? To which most applicants honest answer is "because I need a job" or "you were next on the list LinkedIn gave me."

The solution to this problem is very simple. Make job applications more personal, maybe speak with a recruiter first. In addition to what school you attended, add questions about leadership style, community, and office environment. This process would narrow down applicants for the hiring manager. Give the applicant company answers to these questions, and maybe the volume would go down.

To the companies searching for candidates, don't swipe so fast. Give feedback to those you've interviewed instead of just ghosting them. The candidates need answers too!

LinkedIn and Tinder have changed the way we make connections, let's remember that there are people behind these screens, and we could all use a little more humanity online.


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